The Identity Shift Project Gallery

Photographer: Julie Hassett Sutton

Interviewer: Jessica Safran

This Gallery is the collection of moments from our participants’ Identity Shifts. They generously opened their worlds to us, and together we explored them.

Stefano: I was in Italy when Hurricane Sandy happened. I was stunned for the evening, I had to digest that my restaurant was completely destroyed. But I’ve had 10-12 different businesses. I’m used to moving on. I’m not the type of person to get stuck and put down roots and not think about change.

Adriana: Hurricane Sandy made me more aware of those I love. I met an amazing community of people – who came with masks and gloves, with food and drinks – for everybody. I don’t have these peoples’ names. I wish I could thank them.

All of our employees lost their jobs. There were originally 25 people. Several people will work with us again. The chef is coming back.

Stefano: We’re rebuilding in the same space after 7 years and have a better idea how to solve design problems. I like Front Street: the landmark street made with cobblestone, that’s near the water, on a block where there are no cars. It’s historic and has a lot of character.

Adriana: My family has been there through everything. My parents told us growing up: Material stuff comes and goes. You are a person; you are here today and not tomorrow. If we are alive, then we’re okay. Perhaps we’re upset for awhile, but then we’re okay.

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